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Indicators of Christian Maturity

Developing Critical Christian Skills


One who calls himself a Christian, but who does not wish to grow to be more like Jesus should seriously examine himself to see whether he is really in the true faith (2 Corinthians 13:5). Just because one has responded to an invitation after a great message; just because one has wept at an altar; just because one has joined a church or been baptized does not mean one is a true Christian. A living baby does not remain a baby forever. It grows!


As Christians mature in the Lord Jesus Christ, they learn and grow and attain (by God’s grace) certain Christian skills. These skills are wrought in us by the Grace of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Of course, He accomplishes these things by enabling us to exercise self-discipline (a characteristic of the fruit of the Spirit). The following list of Skills of Christian Maturity are not listed in order of importance. Neither is the list complete. My prayer is that it will be a starting place for Christians who have a serious desire to grow in the Lord.


Consider the list prayerfully. Ask God, “Lord, is this an area where You would wish me to experience growth at this time in my life?” And listen to Him!


You may wish to evaluate your current skill level (maybe “1 to 5” with “5” being a strong “yes”) , then evaluate when God might want you to start working on that skill (maybe “1 to 5”—“5” being a strong “now”) . Remember—growth is a process. It cannot be done all at once! But far too many professing Christians are not giving evidence of any growth at all! Listen to God!


Mature Christians must be trained, ready, willing, and able to obey God in the implementation of these skills as God leads.


Steve and Vickie Hall

February, 2007




Current Ability

Work on this now?


Bible Study




Find what other Bible passages say about a particular topic or verse




Find whether a statement is in the Bible, and if so, where it is found




Find all the verses where the same Greek or Hebrew words are found in the Bible




Find what other Bible students have to say about this passage




Discover my understanding of a verse by personal paraphrasing




Identify and memorize passages of Scripture




Know how to find more information about Biblical places and people




Know how to do Greek and Hebrew word studies on Bible words




Understand the basic principles for correct Biblical interpretation




Recognize and point out when others use Bible verses out of context




Recognize and point out when others twist the meaning of Bible verses




Manage my time effectively in order to make time for effective Bible study
















Bible Knowledge




Have an understanding of the general flow of Bible history




Name the books of the Bible from memory




Identify the major sections of the Bible




Understand and communicate basic Bible doctrine about God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit




Understand and communicate basic Bible doctrine about sin and salvation




Understand and communicate basic Bible doctrine about the Bible itself




Understand and communicate basic Bible doctrine about the end times and the return of Christ




Understand and communicate basic Bible doctrine about baptism and the Lord’s supper




Understand and communicate basic Bible doctrine about Satan and his demons




















Know how to recognize God’s voice and listen to Him




Learn the Biblical principles for effective prayer




Practice the virtue of waiting on God




Pray effectively for others (intercession)




Know how to find God’s will and live and pray according to it




Discern how and when to pray aloud for others in their presence--and do it




Pray Scripture back to God




Manage my time effectively in order to make time for an effective prayer life




















List attributes of God from memory 




Sing songs of praise to God from memory




Discern between songs of praise and songs with other Christians themes




Discern the difference between praising God and enjoying good Christian entertainment




Praise God no matter how I’m feeling emotionally




Learn to read music in order to be able to sing new songs of praise




Find and read passages of praise as an act of worship to God




Become comfortable with expressing praise through my body language (kneeling; lying prone; uplifted hands; clapping hands; dancing before God)




Become comfortable praising God with uplifted voice




Manage my time to make time for effective personal worship and praise
















Spiritual Gifts




Understand the overall teaching of the Bible about Spiritual Gifts




Understand the basic motivational spiritual gift God has given me




Understand the correct uses of my spiritual gift




Exercise my spiritual gift to bless the church and glorify God




Realize the potential misuses of my spiritual gift




Know how to appreciate and learn from others with different spiritual gifts




Practice ministry gifts as God opens doors. Stay alert for new opportunities.




Expect God to give manifestation gifts according to His perfect will and timing
















Family Relationships




Understand basic Biblical principles for being a Godly spouse, child, or parent




Identify and memorize the specific felt needs of my spouse, children, or parents




Distinguish between my own felt needs and my family’s felt needs




Avoid the trap of misdiagnosing the needs of others




Study Christian writers who have written material for practical applications of love for my family




Practice both saying “I love you” and demonstrating love.




Practice Biblical love for family members even when that love is not reciprocated




Listen to family members in order to identify my own blind spots




Learn Biblical principles of authority and submission and how to extend these principles to relationships with authorities in church, school, work, and government.
















Relationships with Other Christians




Use Scripture to encourage other believers




Lovingly confront other believers whom we have discovered to be in sin




Recognize the danger that sin in a professing believer has on weakening the body of Christ and seek to deal with it in a Biblical manner




Lovingly apply the Biblical principles of church discipline in the body of Christ




Give wise counsel to those seeking it




Draw out wise counsel from other Christians




Be sensitive to the emotional, spiritual, and material needs of others




Focus on how I can meet the needs of others, instead of how they can meet my needs




Recognize the importance of fellowship, Bible study, and worship with other believers




Use my spiritual gift to bless other Christians




Stand boldly on convictions even when others do not understand




Tithe to support God’s church and ministry to others through the church
















Conquering Sin Problems




Identify the sins that are most likely to cause me to stumble




Memorize Bible verses that will give me victory over temptations in these areas




Recognize situations that may trigger temptations and learn to avoid them




Reject my tendencies to rationalize, excuse, or explain away the sin problem




Refuse to accept defeat, no matter how many times I have fallen




Ask for a significant person in my life (spouse, parent, best friend) to hold me accountable and ask me probing questions




Realize the horrible destructiveness of sin and the danger of minimizing it




Learn how to let my sources of irritation help me to recognize my own selfishness




Take it seriously when a family member or church member tries to help me recognize a personal sin problem that I may be minimizing
















Relating to Culture and Society




Take a strong and assertive public stand for Christian values




Identify the Biblical position of candidates running for public office




Be courageous in the face of criticism and intimidation




Learn names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of elected officials who represent me




Communicate effectively with elected officials




Thank them when they stand for Biblical principles




Stay informed of current issues that require a Christian response




Learn new ways to be effective “salt” and “light” in the confused and sinful world all around us




Identify ways the world is encroaching on and influencing the church




Warn other believers of the dangers of conforming to the world




Recognize secular humanist propaganda that comes through television, movies, music, schools, news media, etc.
















Spiritual Warfare




Know all the weapons given in Scripture for spiritual warfare




Put on the whole armor of God—effectively and regularly




Regularly make use of the weapons God has provided for defense against the enemy as well as to attack the enemy
















Personal Evangelism




Share effectively what the Bible has to say about sin and repentance




Share effectively what the Bible has to say about grace, faith, and eternal life




Share effectively what the Bible has to say about the nature of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ




Share effectively what the Bible has to say about commitment and Lordship, in contrast to emotional experiences




Know how to share the entire Gospel in a meaningful and effective manner




Know how to use illustrations to clarify various parts of the Gospel




Know how to be alert and recognize opportunities to share the gospel with people God brings into my life




Steer conversations to spiritual things and to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ




















Learn what the church has done and is doing throughout the world to carry out the Great Commission




Get a burden from God for a particular area of missions for personal involvement




Support specific missions through prayer and giving




Be open to leadership from God for other involvement in missions, including serving as a missionary
















Basic Christian Apologetics




Be ready and able to answer common questions asked by sincere skeptics




Be ready and able to share basic evidences that point to God as Creator and that expose evolutionism




Be ready and able to share basic evidences that point to the trustworthiness of God’s Word (e.g., archaeology, fulfilled prophecy, ancient manuscript evidence)




Know how to present the powerful evidence God has left us to convince honest skeptics that the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead.
















Fiery Trials




Learn why God allows us to undergo trials, testings, adversity, affliction, and persecution




Respond to fiery trials according to Biblical commands and promises




Be prepared in advance to face trials from God’s perspective




Give Biblical answers to others who ask, “Why is this happening to me?”













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