What We Believe

Beliefs about Pregnancy and Childbirth

If you have gotten to this page because you wonder if our beliefs about pregnancy and childbirth match well with your own, click here.

Why We Are Christians

If you have noticed that we are Christians and wonder why, read on!

No Pressure Tactics!

First of all we want to be clear about why this page is here. We do not believe in being "obnoxious" about our faith! We would never try to manipulate you or pressure you in any way. So many have been repelled from considering Christianity because some well-meaning but misguided person came on like gang-busters. Now they fear that anyone who is up front with his or her faith is going to be equally obnoxious.

Not so!

Our goal here is to answer questions from those who might be "searchers." Of course we are excited about what Christ has done for us, but we fully realize how foolish it is to try to pressure others to do what they don't feel ready to do. In fact, we hate the high-pressure tactics when others try to use them on us too!

So relax!

We are Christians, ultimately, because God has brought about circumstances to persuade us that His Son Jesus Christ gave His life to redeem us. To us, the only reasonable response was to admit and turn from our sins, receive Him, and recognize and proclaim that He is Lord.

You can become a Christian and receive eternal life too! It may be simpler than you realize! Click here! 
A Bit Skeptical?

If you consider yourself something of a skeptic and want to read about some of the evidence that lends itself to such a decision, check out one of the following pages that have been included for just that purpose.

Going Through the Fire? Here's Help!

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"Behold, Children are a gift of the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward!" (Psalm 127:3)