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Here you can read brief comments about our services, including prenatal care, lab work, professional referrals, labor and delivery, birth attendants, birth positions, avoiding tears, cutting the cord, newborn care, immediate post-partum care, postpartum follow-up, birth supplies, and the birth certificate. 

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Prenatal Care

Visits are scheduled every 4 weeks until 26 weeks of gestation, every 2 weeks from 26 weeks to 36 weeks and every week from 36 weeks until the birth.

Prenatal care includes: all routine lab work, a complete prenatal check at each visit including:

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Lab work

Routine lab work is provided as part of our service at no additional cost.

This includes a standard OB Profile (CBC, type and RH with antibody screen, Rubella immunity, RPR), Hepatitis B screen and screening for HIV.

Additional lab work is available as needed.

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Referrals are available for:

*Childbirth classes are recommended, Bradley classes are taught in our office at an additional fee.

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Labor and Delivery

Call Vickie when you think you are in labor for ANY reason.

Labor monitoring includes:

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Who May Attend the Birth?

Vickie's normal recommendation is to honor the requests of the mom giving birth as long as they do not interfere with her ability to labor effectively.

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Birth Positions

Vickie's moms have delivered in many different positions. This decision is highly personal, and what may work for one mom may not work for another. Some of the more common positions chosen by her clients include:

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Avoiding Tears

During crowning of the baby's head, Vickie prefers to use controlled pushing, perineal support and massage with oil, and application of warm compresses. With these procedures, tearing is rare. Tears that do occur seldom are serious enough to require stitches. If stitches are required, Vickie has training, experience, and the necessary protocols to do them quickly in your home.

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Cutting the Cord

Except in an emergency, Vickie prefers not to cut the cord until the placenta delivers.

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Newborn Care

Routine newborn care includes:

Infant feeding method recommended is breastfeeding, however Vickie will support and advise according to the method chosen by the mom.

Vickie's recommendation for routine pediatric follow-up of the infant is that the parents interview caretakers in advance and follow the advice of the chosen caretaker as to timing of visits after birth.

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Postpartum Care

Routine maternal care after the birth includes:

Immediate Postpartum

Vickie stays with the mom at least 2 hours after the birth. She does not leave until all is stable, baby is nursing, and mom is having a nourishing meal.

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Additional Postpartum Follow-up

Vickie performs neonatal blood screening as required by Texas law according to the schedule above. (Go back to top of page.) 

Birth Supplies

Items provided by the parents includes sheets, towels, clean area for the birth and personal care products for mom and baby.

Equipment Vickie brings to the birth includes:

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Filing of Birth Certificate

We file a standard birth certificate with the state of Texas required by state law after parents have provided and verified appropriate information. 

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