Homebirth Testimony

(The Mom who wrote this testimony had just had her second baby. Both births took place at home.)

We Americans like to pride ourselves in being "The Home of the Free and the Brave." But are we really free in terms of birthing choices?

As for me, I prefer to have as little intrusion in the birthing process as possible. No preps. No enemas. No fetal monitors. No epidurals. No pitocin. No pressure to have the baby born within the doctor's time frame for his own convenience (can't miss that golf game). No episiotomies. I wanted to have as natural a birth as possible. The more I learned about midwifery, the more I realized that a natural birth is hard to come by without good prenatal care and nutrition throughout the pregnancy.

"While hospitals serve a purpose, they are not for the healthy."

So many friends thought I was crazy or brave to attempt a homebirth. In actuality, I think that any healthy, low-risk mother is brave to give birth in the hospital! Who are hospitals for? The sick. Those needing critical or emergency care. While hospitals serve a purpose, they are not for the healthy. The World Health Organization emphatically states that "Birth is not an illness." So many of the standard procedures which most hospitals practice actually impede labor and necessitate more intrusions, which, in effect, increases a woman's chances for a Cesarean delivery. What healthy, low-risk mother would want to subject herself to this?

I had my son delivered by a lovely midwife who then gave up her practice by the time I was pregnant with my daughter. Fortunately, my search for a new midwife was not difficult. A few friends told me about a fantastic midwife who was re-opening her business. This midwife was very assuring, gentle, competent and caring. When I interviewed Vickie Hall, I found their testimonies to be true. She not only had a sweet radiance about her, but she also was not threatened by my tough technical questions about labor and delivery. Vickie also made it clear that she did not have to proveher status and knew when to turn risky situations over to a doctor.

Alessandra Florence Haynes made her grand entrance in October of 1992. She insisted on keeping her left hand behind her head while passing through the birth canal, but Vickie gently wrestled with her to keep her little hand down. Alessandra won the match and, consequently, caused me to tear just slightly. No problem. Because Vickie has a signed physician's protocol, she was able to stitch me up which sped up my healing. Alessandra's birth was typically euphoric. Sure, it was painful. But, I can't imagine trading in a little comfort through anesthesia for a slowed-down labor and a distressed baby (that is, a baby distressed by drugs). Because most home-birth mothers observe a strict nutritional regimen, their labors are healthy and their babies are of good weights. Alessandra was no exception at 8 lbs., 10 oz.

So if you freely and "bravely" choose the idea of an unobtrusive and natural pregnancy and birth, may I recommend and introduce you to Vickie Hall.

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