Homebirth Testimony

(This Homebirth testimony was written by a Mom who had just had her third baby--her first at home. She is a VBAC.)

I hope you will accept my apologies for taking so long to sit down and write out my birth testimony--after all, Sarah is almost one year old already! I'm enclosing a picture taken this fall, but it only begins to show the precious angel that she is. She's my sunshine baby because she is so happy and charming that she rarely fails to fill the hearts of all those around her with sunshine.

As you'll recall, I was already around six months pregnant when I first called you, and I had been regularly visiting my doctor for all the pre-natal checkups. I can't pinpoint precisely when I knew that I didn't want to have another hospital birth; I only know that, in my heart, this birth should be the way that the good Lord intended it. I wanted to be around people I knew and trusted, and, just as important, I wanted those same people to know me and care about me, too.

"I only know that, in my heart, this birth should be the way that the good Lord intended it."

My first pregnancy was 8 1/2 years earlier, and my son was delivered c-section ("bikini cut") because he was breech, and the doctor didn't know what else to do. I trusted the doctors, and, while I'm not at all bitter about the experience, I certainly didn't care to repeat it! So I began reading, attending meetings about preventing c-sections, and otherwise educating myself.

(I might also add that I thought I was educated when the first baby was born because we attended LaMaze classes.) I found a doctor to support my VBAC decision (about 30 miles away, in Wylie) when I was pregnant two years later. The experience was very positive (What an enlightened man! He even let me squat!), but still I was putting the natural birthing process into the hands of the medical community.

Well, this kind doctor moved away, so I eventually chose a new one for annual check-ups. When I became pregnant again six years later, it seemed logical to stick with her. But, the closer it got to my delivery date, the more questions I asked the doctor and the hospital. There were far to many answers that cried out, "Intervention!!" I began reading and researching again, and as I did, I gained confidence in my body's functions and capabilities. I began then to gather names of midwives, intending to interview several before finding the right one. I got your name from a friend of a friend--a delightful lady who was also a satisfied client.

Well, my intentions were blown when you showed up at my door! I cancelled my plans to look farther because you were so poised, so knowledgeable, so caring that I felt like I'd found a long-lost friend. I learned so much during our visits, and my children grew to look forward to seeing you too. (Michelle still asks occasionally whether she'll ever get to see you again.) You carefully monitored my health and the baby's and put me at ease as the due date approached.

When I called you around 1:30 AM on Sarah's birth date, you arrived even more quickly than I expected. I guess there's not too much traffic on LBJ at 1:30 on a Monday morning! Your assistant arrived shortly after you did. During all the labor, you supported me in any way you could. Your calm voice of encouragement reassured me that I could do this during that phase when self-doubt creeps in. You rubbed my back, brought me cool washcloths for my forehead, held my hand, helped me stand or sit or lie down-- whatever I needed at the time.

I'm still delighted that I was the first mom to use your birthing chair. That is the only way to go, as far as I'm concerned. I was comfortable between pushing contractions and efficient during the contractions. The pushing was so short that it wasn't long (5:41 AM) before beautiful Sarah Elizabeth was in my husband's and my arms--tiny miraculous and perfect! You tended to us, helped us back into bed, and let us get to know our new daughter. I didn't even need stitches!

Around 6:30 the Big Brother and Sister woke up and crawled into bed with us as they sleepily greeted their baby sister. We were joined in our home later in the day by loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Unless there's a true medical need for a mom to be in the hospital, I am convinced that research supports the fact that home birth is safer. It certainly is more relaxed, personal and supportive. I am also convinced that, with prayers and research, women can gain the confidence in their bodies which enables them to feel secure and confident about their decision to home birth. No matter how nice the wallpaper, how comfortable the couch, or how lovely the curtains, a hospital can never be as warm and comfortable as one's own home.

Thanks again for such wonderful memories. Please continue to keep in touch.

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