Homebirth Testimony

(This Homebirth testimony was written by a first-time Mom. She has since had her second homebirth!)

When I became pregnant my husband and I didn't have any insurance. We decided that I would go to Parkland Memorial Hospital. I was very uncomfortable with this decision, but didn't know what else we could do. I got the initial test done and hated the entire experience.

During this time period, women who had used a midwife kept coming into my husband's and my place of business and sharing their experiences. I didn't know if I could do that, but as more and more women shared their experiences, I became more comfortable with the idea. I did research and prayed about it and felt that this was the way the Lord wanted me to go. He just kept giving me more and more reasons to do it. We found Vickie a and everything just fell into place.

During the prenatal care whenever I had a question, I felt free, even encouraged to call. The entire experience was uplifting. Vickie made me feel at ease with carrying my first baby.

"It was the most beautiful experience of having a baby I could ever have."

I always pictured the moment I went into labor to be a panicked one, but because I was prepared and because of the calm presence Vickie has, we just went into it as the normal event it is. My labor was was six hours and I had my baby at home. Vickie and Marilyn were great. The atmosphere was calm. They rubbed my legs during contractions, and I could walk around between them. After my baby boy was born, Marilyn was really great at helping me become more assured with breastfeeding. Whenever I think of the experience, I have to smile. It was the most beautiful experience of having a baby I could ever have. I thank the Lord for the option of midwifery and for Vickie and her assistants. I also thank Vickie for everything that she brought to the arrival of my first child.

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