Homebirth Testimony

(This Homebirth testimony was written by a Mom who had just had her first baby.)

When we found out that I was pregnant with our first child we immediately went to the library and checked out a variety of books on pregnancy and childbirth because we wanted to make educated decisions about our choices. Since we had no idea where to start, the selection of books we checked out were random but we found lots of information about midwives and natural childbirth and homebirths. It may sound hard to believe but we didn't know much about midwifery and didn't even know it was still practiced. We didn't know people had babies at home either. But I had always known that I wanted a natural or unmedicated childbirth if possible because all the mothers and fathers I had met who had made that choice were so glad that they did but most parents who chose a hospital/medicated birth did not consider it a good experience. We were very excited about the idea that we could have a homebirth. We began researching homebirth possibilities and found statistics that very much favored these non- invasive approaches. Our next step was to start investigating area midwives. I called the Association of Texas Midwives and asked for a list of their locations. Next, I requested Informed Choice packets from the remainder. After reading the packets, we narrowed the choice down to two. From there, we chose to interview Vickie first because her office was so close to my husband's job we thought it would be easy for us to go together to the exams. We met Vickie with a long list of questions we had composed from the voluminous childbirth material we had read.

"I was able to have the birth experience I wanted, to bring our precious little son into the world without drugs or chemicals or tools."

We could tell she really knew her stuff and personality-wise we just clicked. When we left her office, my husband gave me the classic "thumbs up." Lastly, I called ATM. The woman who answered the phone was lovely. Starting with the most recent evaluation, she continued reading all the evaluations that had been sent in. After hearing all the wonderful things people had to say about Vickie, we knew we had the right midwife for us.

I enjoyed a very healthy and relaxed pregnancy. We continued to bombard Vickie with questions at every visit well into the pregnancy and she was always very patient and explained things to us in a way we could understand. It felt good to be so involved with monitoring our health and Vickie made sure my husband was involved also by showing him how to feel the baby, etc.

When the time came to have the baby, I felt so glad to have Vickie there with us, encouraging us and keeping a professional handle on everything. I was so glad to be able to move around instead of being confined to a table or a certain room, and we really enjoyed the privacy the homebirth provided. When it came time to push Vickie guided me in the most effective way. Elizabeth was also wonderful, assuming much of the coaching role and providing lots of additional encouragement and reassurance. I was able to have the birth experience I wanted, to bring our precious little son into the world without drugs or chemicals or tools, birthed into loving hands. I'll never forget the look on my husband's face as he held our newborn son in his arms, welcoming him into the world.

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