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"...unto Him Who is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy..." (Jude 1:24-25)
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The following listing of the items added to our Abounding Joy website is provided for those who are familiar with our site and who wish to keep up with some of the more recent changes and additions.

Items at the TOP of this list are the most recent updates or additions to our site.



"...unto Him Who is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy..." (Jude 1:24-25)


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Video Devotionals for Steve's Grandchildren on YouTube
(Steve has begun to upload brief [4 to 6 minute] video devotionals to encourage his grandchildren.)

Grandpa Payne News clippings
(PDF files of interviews Steve's Grandpa Payne had with newspapers in 1979 and 1980. Grandpa Payne was born in 1890, and these interviews offer  fascinating glimpses into the experiences of Grandpa and Grandma in the early part of the 20th Century!)

Our Blogs
(Blogs dedicated to helping Christians grow strong in Christ. Sign up!)

A Case for Clean Speech
(A brief paper that argues a case for clean language instead of profanity, cursing, obscenity, and crudity.)

MySpace Page Added
(Steve and Vickie now have a simple page on MySpace which you may wish to check out.)

Marks of Christian Maturity
(This page consists of a list of specific skills that Christians may wish to develop as they grow in Christ.)

(Two brief papers have been added. One deals with the Christian Response to Homosexuality (read this one first) and the second is a brief Bible Study on Homosexuality.)

Da Vinci Code False Historical Claims
(A brief summary of some of the many false historical claims made in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. For those who do not wish to wade through the longer articles!)

Audio Messages Online
(Steve has begun to make a few of his audio messages available online. These messages may be downloaded, or you may listen to the streaming audio online.)

Early Church Timeline
(A brief overview of early church history, from the time of Christ to the 4th century AD, designed to help Christians better understand some of the early battles fought by the early church, especially with gnosticism. A brief overview of gnosticism is included.)

(Brief streaming audio messages [2 to 5 minutes each] on timely topics that you may find to be interesting. Mini-messages may also be downloaded.)

What Do People See in You?
(This paper, in question and answer format, is an attempt to help Christian young people make good decisions about the clothing they wear, the music they listen to, the words they say, and the friends they hang out with.)

Biblical Principles for Successful Marriage
(This page contains a brief Bible study of passages that specifically relate to the marriage relationship.)

"How to Find Things" Page Added
(A page has been added to hopefully make it less confusing for people who wish to find specific information on our site.)

Paragraphs have been added to the Marriage Enrichment Tips
(We have added tips on "agreeing to disagree," "joint banking accounts," and on "proceeding with caution when one has reservations.")

"Places to Visit" Page Now Has Links for More Information
(You can now click on the name of a destination on the "Places to Visit" page and open a new window to outside web pages with additional information about that destination.)

Pictures Added to Gallery from Texas Trip 7/2005
(Pictures of our grandbabies from our trip to Texas for Austin's surgery.)

Complete Table of Site Contents Page Reorganized and Updated
(The "master" table of contents page is now easier to use and provides another option for navigating our web site.)

Opportunity for Abounding Joy Visitors to Share Marriage Enrichment Tips
(This page consists of a form that complements the "Practical Tips for Marriage Enrichment." Visitors are encouraged to share tips that have helped make their marriages stronger.)

New Photos Added to Photo Gallery
(Pictures of Steve and Vickie and family from February through June of 2005. These include pictures of our two new Grandbabies and of Tim and Natalie's wedding! Type a name in the little "search" window at the top of the first screen to find pictures of specific people.)

Practical Tips for Marriage Enrichment
(Steve and Vickie offer tips for strengthening your marriage. Pay special attention to the paragraphs about our 24-hour retreats and date times! Also included are a great set of questions put together by the National Association of Wedding Ministers for premarital counseling.)

God is the Creator--Multimedia Presentation (Now Available for Online Viewing)
(This 10-minute PowerPoint presentation gives evidence from molecular biology that God created life.)

Christian Terminology for New Christians
(A list of common Biblical words and phrases that might possibly be  misunderstood by new Christians or by those who have not yet become Christians)

Sound Bites Added for CD Previews
(Each audio CD listing now has a 2 to 3-minute sound bite from the CD itself to provide an idea of what to expect from the actual CD.)

Recommended Links
(Links to other web sites you may find of interest)

Preaching the Faith of Secular Humanism
(A brief paper highlighting the dangerous movement  in public schools toward establishing the religion of secular humanism and interfering with the freedom of all others.)

Christianity vs. Humanism Comparison Chart for Students
(A helpful chart contrasting the faith of secular humanism with the faith of Christianity. Helps Christian students evaluate the degree of influence of secular humanism in their own lives.)

Am I Really Looking at the Evidence?
(Discussion of some of the problems that come from depending on what other people think instead of doing a careful personal study of the evidence. What "argumentum ad hominem" means.)

Tips for Effective Bible Study
(Twenty-one brief tips to help you do more effective personal Bible study)

Principles of Biblical Interpretation
(An overview of some of the keys to accurate interpretation, with examples)

Bible Translations--Questions and Answers
(Important information for anyone interested in the controversy over Bible translations)

The Antichrist
(What the Bible has to say about this man who will one day make his appearance on the world scene)

The Substitutionary Atonement
(Primarily for helping skeptics who have a "moral problem" with this profoundly important Bible doctrine)

Summary of Bible Passages Supporting Posttribulationalism
(A study for those who do not wish to get into the details of the longer study)

Is the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ Imminent?
(Evidence from the Bible that the early church knew that there were prophecies that must be fulfilled before the return of our Lord)

Practical Consequences of Various End Time Views
(For those who have concluded that there is no practical difference between various end-time views)

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Family Photo Gallery--2004 and earlier
(Photos of Steve, Vickie, Andromeda, and the Kids. The latest pictures here are from December, 2004)


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